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Multifunctional Eggs Cooker - Silicone Cup White & Yolk Splitter - NonStick - 5 PCS

Multifunctional Eggs Cooker - Silicone Cup White & Yolk Splitter - NonStick - 5 PCS

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• Multifunctional design :This egg cooker is not just for cooking eggs! It can also slice and cut eggs, making it a versatile tool in the kitchen.

• Non-stick surface :The silicone cup has a non-stick surface that ensures eggs won't stick and makes it easy to clean.

• Splitter design :The splitter design allows you to easily separate the whites from the yolks, making it perfect for baking or cooking.

• Set of 5 :This set includes 5 egg cookers, so you can cook multiple eggs at once or have extras on hand.

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1.DURABLE AND SAFE: Individual BPA-free non-stick silicone egg cooker cups with a temperature safe range of -40°F to +248° F (-40°C to +120°C). The thermodynamic design allows eggs to cook as if they were in their shells.

2. EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: The egg cooker makes it easy to make soft, medium and hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, mini omelets, salads and more. Open the eggs, pour them into the cooking cup, boil and serve. These are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. NOTE: You need to spray cooking oil (non-stick spray, cooking oil or coconut oil) in the egg cooker before use so that the eggs don't get stuck in the cooker.

3. SAVE TIME: No more peeling hard boiled eggs when making your favorite delicious egg dishes! The egg cooker is perfect for any pan. Just put enough water in it to keep them floating, don't worry about the size of the pot.

4. FITS ANY POT: The egg cooker fits perfectly in any pot. No need to worry about the size of the pot. Just enough water to keep them floating (stock pots are recommended). Removable and easy to use, you can fit 1-6 pieces of egg cooker into the pot as needed. Egg cups are not suitable for use in the microwave.

5. Please be careful when handling, the contents will be very hot. Then put them into cold water (about 1 minute), the eggs will be easier to detach from the egg cooker.2. Control the heating temperature, as boiling water will cause the egg cups to shake.

Product Description

The egg cups are not suitable for use in the microwave: please be careful when handling as the contents will be very hot.

The operation is very simple, just open the egg and pour it into the egg cooker cup.

Before boiling: add enough cold water to the pot so that the product will not touch the bottom of the pot.

Material: food grade silicone

Packing list: a set of egg cooker

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It is better to Grease the inside with oil, or then horseradish from The Squeaks