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Intelligent Automatic Electric Nail Clipper Multifunction + Nail Polishing

Intelligent Automatic Electric Nail Clipper Multifunction + Nail Polishing

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• Intelligent Automatic Function :The nail clipper has an intelligent automatic function that makes it easy to use and saves time.

• Multifunctional :This nail clipper is multifunctional and can be used for various nail care needs, including clipping, grinding, and polishing.

• USB Charging :The nail clipper can be charged via USB, making it convenient to use and eliminating the need for batteries.

• Ergonomic Design :The nail clipper has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand and reduces hand fatigue during use.



1.Multi-function electric nail grinder, grinding nails + polishing nails , allowing you to easily harvest beautiful nails.

2.Dual motor design, built-in reduction gear box and high-precision CNC cutter head, strong power, easy to trim nails without jamming.

3.The auxiliary light helps you trim nails safely in dimly lit places without damaging them.

4.One-button operation, two-speed adjustment, convenient and comfortable to use.

5.The compact electric nail clipper is easy to store and carry, allowing you to trim nails anytime, anywhere, whether on the go, traveling or at home.


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Customer Reviews

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Brook Schaden

Excellent Product, I recommend it!

Charlotte Gulgowski

I really like this nail grater, I took it for a gift, so keep this picture here. I'll buy it again.

Charity DuBuque

Excellent. He worked for the legs. Moe once.

Noel Hoeger

Normal working and cheap to buy

Talon Ward